Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fixing the sparsebundle error "Operation not supported on socket".

If you're trying to mount a .sparsebundle (typically a directory that contains a FileVault $HOME) and get an unexpected Operation not supported on socket error (aka EOPNOTSUPP / ENOTSUP for those who know what errno is) then the fix is simple: fix the permissions of the file within the .sparsebundle file. At least it worked for me. Some of the files were owned by root. So a simple
sudo chown -R $USER my.sparsebundle
did the trick.

Oddly enough I couldn't reproduce this problem by manually trying to chmod some files in the .sparsebundle. But I'm 100% sure that in my case fixing the permissions fixed the problem.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, actually works. The chown command restores permissions to owner - check!!

Jake said...

I can't get that to work. It says No such file or directory. The sparsbundle is on my Time Capsule. How do I get it to see it there?

Anonymous said...

try sudo chmod 700 file.sparsebundle after changing the ownership. That worked for me after the chown command.

Anonymous said...

It still says Operation not permitted for every file.