Sunday, July 15, 2007

scm_type git = ++svn;

(Hmm, I need to personnalize this "blog" a lil bit but I'm too lazy)

If you really enjoy SVN, you'll love Git.
I won't go into all the details because there are already plenty of pages explaining how to get started and why Git kicks ass, but here are some useful links (in the suggested order of reading):
I also added (beta) Git-support in SVN-wrapper which is very handy in order to automatically generate template ChangeLog entries.

I strongly encourage anyone working with SCMs on a daily basis to give Git a try, it's really worth it.  Especially because Git is very good at wrapping other SCMs (I only wrapped SVN repositories so far, had some troubles with big CVS repositories, most probably because of cvsps).
Anyways, thanks to the KDE people I met at the aKademy (pics) for sorta convincing me to try Git.

PS: QGit is cool.

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Anonymous said... is interesting too (An introduction to git-svn for Subversion/SVK users and deserters)